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Bloodborne Where Is The Woman Hiding Near The Dog Kennels?

Bloodborne Where Is The Woman Hiding Near The Dog Kennels
Location –

The Lonely Old Woman is a survivor that can be found at Central Yharnam, located beyond the area with many Infected Hounds on the path to the sewer entrance. Upon first encounter there is a dog barking at her door.

Where is the lonely old woman in Bloodborne?

Location – She can be found in relatively near of the first lamp within Yharnam, although the gate to the left must be unlocked first. Enter the house and through the door on the same floor of which the player enters and many cages filled with dogs lie ahead, with some dogs roaming around.

Where do I send Adella the nun?

Adella – Bloodborne Where Is The Woman Hiding Near The Dog Kennels While Adella also lives in the Cathedral Ward, she’s already been kidnapped by Snatchers by the time you first arrive in the area. You must allow a Snatcher to grab you and bring you to Hypogean Gaol if you want to speak with Adella and direct her to Oedon Chapel.

Exit your cell. Turn right and follow the path until you reach a staircase. Descend the stairs down. Turn right while hugging the wall. Adella will be kneeling and praying by several jars.

Now equip one of the following pieces of Church-affiliated armour. This can be the White or Black Church Set, or any part of Gascoigne’s Set. Once equipped, you can speak to Adella and direct her to Oedon Chapel, Adella teaches the Church Bow Gesture and offers vials of her blood just like Arianna.

Where did Arianna go?

The NPC Arianna is found in a dark alley in Cathedral Ward, Her door is across from the Skeptical Man window. If you speak to her, you can tell her a safe place to go. If you wish her to live, send her to the Chapel. Once she is there, you can obtain her blood.

  • Be mindful of who else is around though.
  • If you also saved the Nun Adella, then she will get mad at you for using her blood, and if you continue to use it, she will kill Arianna.
  • Advertisement If Arianna lives until after you kill Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, then she will move.
  • She will now be in the sewer just before the Cathedral Ward lamp.

She will give birth to a creature there, and if you kill it, you will obtain One Third of Umbilical Cord,

How do you tell the lady about the chapel in Bloodborne?

Lonely Old Woman

Canal Bridge 457 118 60 50 50 40 40 100 60 69 83
Oedon Chapel 457 118 60 50 50 40 40 100 60 69 83
1st Floor
► Defenses: Physical, Blunt, Thrust, Blood, Arcane, Fire and Bolt. Resistances: Slow Poison and Rapid Poison. Bonuses: Beasts & Kin.


Location & Discovery Drop & x1


Multipliers Bonuses Weak against Additional Information HP Multiplier 1 Is beast No Lowest defense: Blood and Arcane Arcane Damage Multiplier 1 Is kin No Fire Damage Multiplier 1 Is weak to serrated No Bolt Damage Multiplier 1 Is weak to righteous No


This grouchy old woman lives near the Dry Dock in Central Yharnam.


Like most other Yharnamites, she distrusts outsiders and will make a show of belligerence when you first meet her, but will nevertheless ask you if you know of any safe places where she can take refuge during the coming night’s hunt. Telling her about the clinic will result in her becoming a victim of the impostor doctor’s experiments; informing her of the Oedon Chapel will cause her to move there and enable further interactions with her as the night progresses, culminating in her going mad and (ironically) becoming much more personable in the process. She acts uncaring, but seems to appreciate player helping her. Shows more affection after taking her medicine. After she hands to player more and more sedatives, she will start to wander around Oedon Chapel to acquire more. Leaving note behind “Hold on, just wait a wee bit, my little dearie”. Her first trip was successful. If player asks for more she wanders again, leaving yet another note “Wait just a wee bit longer, my little sweet-pea”. This time she didn’t make it and is killed outside of Oedon Chapel, you will find on her corpse.


inside residence near dry dock and numerous dog cages.


Outside Oedon Chapel, after telling her about this safe place.


Tables below consist of datamined stats and equipment, this specific information is for NPCs, hunters or less, that uses a player-like human model and skeleton, practically every NPC that can be equipped with player’s gears. Some characters are equipped with items that they aren’t programmed to use by the AI, such items are highlighted. All characters have infinite Quicksilver Bullets and 99 copies of any item they hold ( including Blood Vials ) and the only thing that prevents from infinitely consuming them is written in their AI script. For information about all characters visit wiki page.


Character Stats Data Location 1 10 12 12 10 6 8


Character Equipment ( Right & Left Hand Weapons ) Data Bare Hands None ( unused ) Unique- Bare Hands None ( unused ) Unique- Bare Hands None ( unused ) None- Bare Hands None ( unused ) Unique-


Character Equipment ( Items ) Data None- None- None- None-


1. Speak to her in her house near the dry dock and tell her about the clinic. She will move there when you reload the area, ending her quest. Tell her about the Oedon Chapel instead of the clinic and she will take up residence in the chapel next time you load a new area. Beware! You have to send Lonely Old Woman to the safe place before the Blood Moon. Once Blood Moon came out, you will get message from her door “No response”. 2. When she has moved to the chapel, speak with her after reaching the second half of the woods (beyond the windmill) and choose the dialogue option, “I have my share of woes” to receive a jar of sedatives. You can repeat this process two more times for a total of six ; selecting the option a fourth time will trigger her to leave in search of more. 3. After receiving all six initially available from her, tell her, “I have my share of woes” a fourth time and reload the area. Read the letter on her chair and reload the area two more times, then speak to her to receive another jar of, 4. After she brings back the seventh jar of, speak to her again and select, “I have my share of woes,” then reload the area. You’ll find her lying dead outside the chapel near the well, clutching one last jar of, Skipping this step or answering, “No” to the prompt will prevent her death, in which case she will remain at the chapel with the other refugees.


Lonely Old Woman offers dialogue while staying indoors.

She is the first survivor, asking for help even if player cannot offer any.

She will not drop when Oath Caryll rune is equipped.

If sent to the clinic Impostor Iosefka will reward player with Numbing Mist x2 and Small Celestial Emissary will drop Sedatives there.


Datamined exact values of Face Data for character creation; view on – – page. Sliders are the bars you manipulate at the beginning of the game that change your character’s appearance.


Item Amount Requirements Notes 1 Speak to her after nightfall and tell her, “I have my share of woes.” – 2 Tell her, “I have my share of woes” a second time. – 3 Tell her, “I have my share of woes” a third time. – 1 Tell her, “I have my share of woes” after receiving Sedatives from her three times, then reload the area twice and speak to her again when she returns. – 1 Found on her corpse outside the Oedon Chapel’s side entrance when you reload the area after telling her, “I have my share of woes” a fifth time. To prevent her death don’t send her on a second search for Sedatives. –
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If you want to know more about dialogues visit the page which contains the whole datamined dialogue script ( used & unused ) for all characters from the game. Lonely Old Woman does have unused dialogue,
Also you can look over to the page which has all dialogues ( used & unused ) from the base game and DLC, both languages EN & JP are compared side by side,



Oh, you’re a hunter, aren’t ya? Then, well, do you know of any safe places?
I’ve heard, I have. Shutting up indoors isn’t always enough. If you hunters got off your arses, we wouldn’t be in this mess. You’re obligated to help me, you hear? So, what’ll it be? Are you gonna tell me, or not?
Yeah, I should’ve known. Ya good-for-nothing. No respect for the elderly is what that is! Yeah, fat lot of good you outsiders do. Go on, admit it, you think we’re all mad, don’t ya? Well, go and stuff it! I know all yer tricks!
What is it now. I’ve much better ways to pass the time. Unless.you’ve found me a nice, safe place?
Well, Whaddya know? An outsider worth a lick of salt. Well don’t just stand there. Don’t you have work to do? Go slit some throats, get this mess done with.
Oh, enough with you. Trot along, chop chop!
Oh, no. I haven’t forgotten. Do you think I owe you something? Well, that’s a fine lark. I’d say. This whole mess that Yharnam’s in, it’s all your fault, you fidgety outsiders! Our blood’s ruined, tainted by your ilk! Don’t you come near me! I know your type!
You! Stay away from me! I know your tricks.
Oh, How did we ever get into this mess.
Oh, the good old days, what a laugh, eh?


Oh, there you are. You’re home early, dear. Is anything the matter? You can always tell me. Mother will make everything better. What’s wrong? Anything you’d like to tell me?
Oh, good. What a relief. You always were the brave one. But you can’t bottle up everything inside. You musn’t be afraid to share.
Oh, my You poor thing. But don’t you worry. This will help you forget. Forget your troubles, forget your cares
Ohh, what is it dear? Are you in a bind again?
Oh, my you poor thing. Now, now have some patience. Mother will make everything better. Now, now be patient!
Ah, welcome home dear. You’ve been very, very patient. Here you are This will help you forget. Forget your troubles, forget your cares.
Ah, welcome home dear. What’s wrong? Anything you’d like to tell me?
Now, now, have some patience.
Ah! Ahh! What’s got into you? Curse you stranger!
Ah! Ahh! What’s wrong with you? I’m your mother, don’t you see?
It’s. your father’s blood.


Lonely Old Woman

Where is Sister Adella Bloodborne?

Adella The Nun is located in the basement of the Yahar’gul Unseen Villagel.

Where can I find crow woman in Bloodborne?

Eileen the Crow is one of the first NPCs players are likely to meet in Bloodborne, hidden away in Central Yharnam right by the sewers. Bloodborne Where Is The Woman Hiding Near The Dog Kennels Eileen the Crow is one of the first NPCs players are likely to meet in Bloodborne, hidden away in Central Yharnam right by the sewers. Unlike most fellow Hunters, Eileen is friendly to the player right out the gate – if a bit stern given the tense atmosphere she finds herself in.

  1. Eileen is an assassin tasked with slaying any Hunters who find themselves lusting too badly for the surrounding blood.
  2. Eileen the Crow is kind enough to teach the player several gestures so long as they keep up with her questline, but her fate is one of the most morbid in Bloodborne.
  3. Updated August 17, 2023, by Sean Murray: If you’re looking to complete Eileen the Crow’s quest, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve recently refreshed this guide with improved formatting and more breakout tips to make completing (or killing) Eileen that much easier.

Can you save Adella?

Questline –

Sister Adella can only be saved if she is met before triggering the Blood Moon, otherwise, she will die.

Her corpse will be found lying in front of a door, in the streets of Hypogean Gaol,

To get Adella to talk, including a reward of Madman’s Knowledge and asking for a ” safe place “, the Hunter must be wearing the chest piece of a church-type attire :

Black Church Set Choir Set Executioner Set Gascoigne’s Set Tomb Prospector Set White Church Set

Should I accept Adella blood?

Adella the Nun, if present, will get jealous if the player uses Arianna’s blood instead of hers, and may kill Arianna after you’ve accepted 3 vials of Arianna’s Blood while she’s present. To stop Adella from killing Arianna, simply remove Arianna’s Blood Vial from your inventory and instead take Adella’s Blood.

How do you prevent Adella from killing Arianna?

Keep Adella At Bay – Bloodborne Where Is The Woman Hiding Near The Dog Kennels Adella may be a nun, but she’s not innocent. Adella is not a fan of Arianna whatsoever, a fact she isn’t coy to share. Adella also becomes bitterly jealous if you accept any of Arianna’s Blood Vials while she’s in Oedon Chapel. If you accept three vials of Arianna’s blood, Adella will murder Arianna the next time you visit Oedon Chapel – locking out her Umbilical Cord for the rest of the game.

Never accept Arianna’s blood while Adella is around. Leave Adella in the Hypogean Gaol. Take Adella’s Blood Vials over Arianna’s.

For anyone who wants to complete Arianna’s questline as stress-free as possible, it’s honestly best to not send Adella to Oedon Chapel at all. Like the Suspicious Beggar, she adds an element of tension that can supercede the quest entirely if you make a mistake.

Why did Arianna stop singing?

Ariana Grande Gives It Back To Trolls Who Say She’s Not A Singer Anymore New Delhi: If you believe Ariana Grande is no longer a singer, she has a message for you. The singer/songwriter has had a lengthier pause between albums than normal with the release of 2020’s ‘Positions,’ after the release of 2018’s ‘Sweetener’ and 2019’s ‘Thank U, Next.’ However, the renowned artist has been in the news lately due to rumours that she has decided to retire from her singing career.

Now she’s responding to accusations that she’s been slacking off on her art in the most effective manner possible: by showcasing her unparalleled vocal abilities. Interestingly, Ariana Grande has dispelled the rumours by posting a TikTok video in which she performs ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ from The Wizard of Oz.

Ariana Grande’s action proves she wanted to put an end to rumours that she was quitting music. The release of the star’s new video was a huge comfort to her devoted followers across the globe who had been devastated by the false rumours. Ariana Grande also addressed the speculation that her music career is done in the video’s commentary.

She stated, “Literally on set filming two musical movies all day every day. “Wanted to sing you a little something but don’t want to sing anything that is not ‘Ozian’ at the moment. keeping to my little bubble for now done with lots of love.” In May, Grande informed her fans that she was not working on a new album and had no plans to do so in the near future since she wanted to concentrate her efforts on Wicked.

She said, “That is going to have every piece of me, every minute, every ounce of my heart, my time, my soul, my everything that I can give it. My hands are quite full with a lot of other ‘thrillifying’ work at the moment. I am spending all of my time with Glinda.” : Ariana Grande Gives It Back To Trolls Who Say She’s Not A Singer Anymore

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Who is Arianna dating?

Ariana Grande is moving on after her split from husband Dalton Gomez, The “Thank U, Next” singer, 30, is dating Broadway alum Ethan Slater, her costar in the upcoming film adaptation of Wicked, sources confirm to PEOPLE. “Ariana and Dalton separated in January,” one source says.

“She and Ethan recently began dating, and he is separated from his wife.” Reps for both stars have not returned multiple requests for comment. TMZ was first to report the news. Grande is set to play Glinda in Universal’s film adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical, while Slater, 31, will play Boq, the love interest of Elphaba’s sister Nessarose.

Art Streiber/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Eugene Gologursky/Getty The movie began shooting in the U.K. last year and was scheduled for release in November 2024, though it remains unclear if the SAG-AFTRA strike will affect its premiere. Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater smile in a photo shared by Michelle Yeoh in March.

  1. Michelle Yeoh/Instagram The new romance comes after Grande and estranged husband Gomez, 27, separated earlier this year after nearly two years of marriage.
  2. A source told PEOPLE on Monday that the couple “have been quietly and lovingly working on their friendship” since.
  3. An insider told PEOPLE this week that Grande’s work on the Wicked movie across the pond was partially to blame, as it put a long-distance strain on the couple (Gomez is a luxury real estate agent based in Los Angeles).

“She was happy in Los Angeles for a couple of years. She wanted to make a life there with Dalton,” the source said. “He is super focused on his career and needs to live in Los Angeles. It’s definitely been an issue for them. Dalton’s career is demanding and he can’t leave Los Angeles often.

So when started filming Wicked in England, they were in for a long-distance marriage.” Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez. Ariana Grande Instagram Though the relationship eventually “didn’t work,” the insider said “Ari has nothing but kind words to say about Dalton. During their marriage, he was her No.1 fan.” Slater, meanwhile, married high school classmate Lilly Jay in November 2018,

In January, he revealed that he and Jay had welcomed their first child by sharing a photo of a onesie that read “Wicked Cute.” “Super vague post, but we have a baby now,” he wrote, later confirming on Mother’s Day that they’d welcomed a son, It remains unclear when the couple, who had been together since 2012, split.

Who is Arianna husband?

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez married in a private ceremony ‘The couple and both families couldn’t be happier.’ Days later, Grande shared photographs from her wedding. They revealed that she wore a white Vera Wang wedding dress with a bow-accented veil.

Who should I not send to Oedon Chapel?

Suspicious Beggar – You encounter the Suspicious Beggar on the roof of the mill in the Forbidden Woods. He is friendly and pleasant, but if you send him to Oedon Chapel, he will gradually kill everyone else there. If you fight him, he’s quite difficult to kill; you may want to have Iosefka turn him into a Cranium Creature instead. Back to Bloodborne guide and walkthrough,

Should I send the girl to Oedon Chapel?

Notes –

If players want the result that yields the best/most items, then sending her to Oedon Chapel is the best course of action as it will grant players two accessories for the Stump Messengers, whereas sending her to the clinic means she drops a rune that is not at all worth it, the weakest form of the Formless Oedon, She never mentioned her older sister in her dialogue. If the player talks to her and choses ‘refuse (to help find her mother)’, after touching Laurance’s skull, she will eventually disappear from her window. However, the Maneater Boar in the sewers will not drop the Red Messenger Ribbon nor will she be at Iosefka’s Clinic.

Is Iosefka’s Clinic safe?

Iosefka will never let Hunters into the clinic herself, and by the time Bloodborne unlocks the shortcut inside, it’s too late to undo her horrors. Bloodborne Where Is The Woman Hiding Near The Dog Kennels Iosefka’s Clinic is where Hunters begin their Bloodborne journey, but it’s not long before they’re on their way and leave the safe house behind them. Not too long after defeating Father Gascoigne (the first mandatory boss in Bloodborne,) Hunters can return to the sickroom where they begin their journey to speak with Iosefka.

While she’ll only speak to players behind closed doors, Iosefka promises that her clinic is a safe house – one Hunters are encouraged to send survivors to. Bloodborne also features another safe house in Oedon Chapel, a rundown place of worship that’s right in the middle of Yharnam’s worst monsters. While all logic would dictate that Iosefka’s Clinic would be the safest place to send NPCs in Bloodborne, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Iosefka will never let Hunters into the clinic herself, and by the time Bloodborne unlocks the shortcut inside, it’s too late to undo any of her horrors.

Should I save the nun in bloodborne?

Other Notes: –

  1. Is unavailable anytime after the paleblood moon occurs. ( Before the one reborn boss fight )
  2. If you accept Arianna’s blood more than 3 times while Adella is in the church, just kill the nun after she gives you the gesture to be safe because glitches have been reported with this NPC, she no longer contributes and eventually goes mad and attacks the hunter for being “impure” anyways.
  3. When ever you talk to Arianna while Adella is also in the Chapel Adella will look over to the two of you talking.
  4. Adella may suddenly disappear from Oedon Chapel after sending her there. It is currently unknown why this can happen.
  5. Requires a Healing Church chest armor to send to either safe place. Gascoigne’s set works, so don’t worry if you’ve sold the Black church set.
  6. Adella will disappear from the game entirely if she is not spoken to before the player kills Rom, causing the player to miss out on a potential caryll rune and gesture. Make sure to talk to her/kill her BEFORE killing Rom.
  7. If you do not consume 3 vials of Arianna’s Blood and talk to her after the Moon is red, she will just giggle manically. (tested on 2 playthroughs)

Where is Arthur bloodborne?

Alfred is a friendly NPC character in Bloodborne. He can first be found at the Cathedral Ward, in another part of the building with the tomb entrance. If you go on the left side of the building around to where you pull the lever to open the tomb. Continue out the door and he will be standing there.

  • He will give you Fire Paper during your first encounter.
  • After defeating Vicar Amelia, he can be found again in the Cathedral Ward, but on the balcony overlooking the entrance to the Forbidden Woods,
  • Advertisement Alfred can also be summoned outside of the Blood-Starved Beast fight in Old Yharnam by using the Beckoning Bell.

He can also be summoned for the Cleric Beast, if you have agreed with him during your first encounter. If killed, he will drop 7000 Blood Echoes and Wheel Hunter Badge (replaced by Fire Paper if you already have the badge), as well as Radiance oath during Vileblood Queen Chamber encounter after talking to him there.

Is it worth killing Eileen the Crow?

Questline – Players can at any given point kill Eileen, but will only receive the Crow Hunter Badge, This will fail her questline, and players will receive nothing else. This means players will lose out on a special attire, two gestures, and a special Oath Memory Caryll Rune,

  1. Central Yharnam – First Encounter
    • Eileen can be found in a hidden area above the sewers, after breaking a bunch of boxes/crates in the big warehouse building. Four Bold Hunter’s Marks and “Shake Off Cape” gesture be acquired from her when speaking to her the first time.
    • It is possible to kill Eileen and get the Crow Hunter Badge early; the battle is very difficult, and because the Crow Hunter Badge is meant to be obtained later, the Hunter cannot buy items earned from the badge, such as the Blade of Mercy, However, if the Hunter is trying to obtain the Hunter Chief Emblem, the Hunter can kill Eileen for a large amount of Echoes.
  2. Cathedral Ward – Warning
    • She will be found to the left after going through the door straight ahead from the Oedon Chapel lamp, She will only appear in this location after the player has unlocked the two gates at the foot of the Grand Cathedral stairs.
    • If the player missed her in Central Yharnam, she’ll still show up here. Talking to her will still gain the “Shake off Cape” gesture (but not the Bold Hunter’s Marks ). The quest can be progressed as normal after reloading the area.
    • You don’t have to talk to her here if you encountered her in Central Yharnam, but you do have to kill Henryk before entering Forbidden Woods,
  3. Tomb of Oedon – Fighting Henryk
    • The Tomb of Oedon lamp will be unavailable for use while she is here, therefore players must either go from the Central Yharnam, or the Cathedral Ward lamps. However, coming from the latter lamp is advised as it potentially means catching Henryk off-guard and sneaking in a few attacks or a visceral attack, before the fight begins.
    • Players will find Henryk near the lamp, and he will rush as soon as they are within his visual range, Eileen will join shortly after 30 seconds.
    • It is possible for her to die during this encounter, either by Henryk ‘s hand or by the player accidentally aggroing her.
  4. Grand Cathedral – Final Fight
    • If players missed her in Oedon Chapel and the blood moon has risen – She will be found inside the cathedral near the lamp, hostile and attempting to kill the player. From her dialogue it would seem that she went mad and loses her faith in hunters. This encounter only happens when the player misses either her second or third encounter.
    • If her quest was completed correctly thus far and the blood moon has risen – Eileen will be found wounded at the top of the stairs outside the cathedral. Note that the Grand Cathedral lamp will be unavailable for use while she is here. The hunter who wounded her, the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst, can be encountered inside the cathedral. After defeating him, Eileen will award the Crow Hunter Badge and the Hunter rune. Afterwards, Eileen will no longer be at the stairs and will not appear for the rest of the game.
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Why can’t I find Eileen the Crow?

Eileen’s Questline – advertisement In order to get the Hunter Rune, you must speak to Eileen at several points in the game, and help her against her foes. At any point you can choose to attack her – at which point she will become hostile for the rest of the playthrough.

Central Yharnam Aqueduct – Upon entering the first main building, clear the debris blocking a window to wooden platforms above the main room in the building, then find another window leading back outside to a balcony. Here you can speak with Eileen for the first time. Talk to her once and she will give you the Bold Hunter’s Mark, Speak to her again and she will give you the Shake-Off Cape Emote, Cathedral Ward – After defeating Father Gascoigne and using the Hunter Chief Emblem Key to open the main gate in the Cathedral Ward, you will be able to find Eileen just outside the front entrance to the Oedon Chapel, overlooking the small plaza that the two Cathedral Guardians patrol. Speak to her here to learn that she’s tracking a hunter named Henryk. He was a former partner of Gascoigne and has since gone mad. She will tell you not to go near the Tomb of Oedon (where you fought Gascoigne) and give you the Shh! Emote, At this point you can travel down to the Tomb of Oedon and attack Henryk, whereupon Eileen will appear and fight him together. Be careful not to attack her too much by accident – or let her die. After killing Henryk, speak to her and she will give you the Approval Emote, Cathedral Ward – After defeating Rom the Vacuous Spider and revealing the blood moon, return to the Grand Cathedral where you fought Vicar Amelia, On the steps you will find a gravely injured Eileen who will warn you that a powerful hunter waits inside, and she will give you the Wait Emote, Now you can confront the hunter inside – but be warned he is an extremely dangerous opponent armed with a Chikage that allows him to use his own health to deal an extreme amount of damage. His firearm also does a great deal of damage, and he can use the Old Hunter Bone to teleport instead of dodging. You can either come back to face him once you have gotten stronger – or try carefully fighting him by letting him damage himself as he attacks with the Chikage, and adding in a few long range strikes when you are able. If you manage to defeat him, return to Eileen, and she will award her Crow Hunter Badge as well as the Covenant Oath Rune – The Hunter Rune,

How old is Eileen the Crow?

4 Eileen Is An Older Woman – Bloodborne Where Is The Woman Hiding Near The Dog Kennels Compounding the danger for Eileen is the fact that she’s a self-described older woman. Shortly after facing the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst, she’ll comment on her old age as being part of the reason she lost the fight. It’s not clear how old she actually is and being a hunter with access to the Hunter’s Dream may have muddied the waters of her actual age a bit.

Where to find Maria Bloodborne?

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower | Statue “A corpse. should be left well alone.” Prime 1 Studio is proud to present UPMBB-01: Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower from Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. She was a citizen of Cainhurst and is directly related to Queen Annalise.

However, she was one of the first Hunters to join the nightly hunt, studying under Gehrman, The First Hunter. Despite being a citizen of Cainhurst, who relished in their extravagant uses of blood, she favored her Rakuyo, which required dexterity and skill rather than blood to wield effectively. At an unknown point in time, Maria forfeited her beloved weapon, tossing it down a well when she could stomach it no longer, and disappeared mysteriously into the Hunter’s Nightmare.

Now, Maria resides in the Astral Clocktower, looking after the disfigured patients that reside there, and guarding the “”secret”” of the Nightmare, the entrance to the Fishing Hamlet, where the Orphan of Kos can be found. She sits in a chair, seemingly lifeless until the Hunter tries to touch her.

Where is the old Hunter Bell in Bloodborne?

Summoning The Old Hunters – After gaining your first point of Insight you’ll find an item known as the ‘Old Hunter Bell’ sitting on the steps of the Hunter’s Workshop, inside the Hunter’s Dream. This special bell can be used to summon the spirits of legendary hunters all around Yharnam and even within the Chalice Dungeons.