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Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels?

Maggie Murdaugh spent a lot of time at the kennels – According to several reports, Alex Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie, was allegedly spending a lot of time at the kennels in the months leading up to her death. This was attributed to the marital issues she and Alex had been having which stemmed from their monetary troubles.

  • A source told Ok Magazine, that Maggie was growing increasingly unhappy in the marriage.
  • The source revealed that this was due to Murdaugh’s opioid addiction and the onset of that began to plague the family’s lifestyle.
  • As per the source, Maggie, who would visit the kennel at least once a week, brought along her son Paul to keep him out of trouble.

Maggie was concerned he had inherited his father’s issues. The source said that at the beginning of the summer of 2021, Maggie grew increasingly worried about Paul beginning to drink more and party harder. They added that the 52-year-old asked Paul to spend more time with her at the kennels, claiming that she wanted to make sure that the dogs were okay.

This was reportedly so that she could keep an eye on the 22-year-old. Following the murders, the dogs were reportedly moved out of the kennels. While the whereabouts of most of the dogs is unknown, the star witness in the case, Bubba, is living with Blanca Turrubiate-Simpson. Blanca is a former employee of the Murdaughs, who also testified during the trial.

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Why did Alex say he was at the kennels?

On Friday, under cross examination, Murdaugh said he lied because he was paranoid, due to his opioid abuse, and because he didn’t trust the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

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Was Alex Murdaugh at the kennel?

Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels Alex Murdaugh is cross-examined by prosecutor Creighton Waters after taking the stand during his murder trial Thursday at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, S.C. (AP/The State/Joshua Boucher) The prosecutor took South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh step-by-step Friday through a timeline of the night his wife and son were killed, frequently challenging inconsistencies in his memory while testifying at his double murder trial.

  1. A day after revealing for the first time that he was at the kennels where his wife and son were shot shortly before they died, Murdaugh returned to the stand in his own defense.
  2. During cross-examination, prosecutor Creighton Waters walked Murdaugh through what he repeatedly called the once-prominent lawyer’s “new story” about what happened June 7, 2021, at the kennels.

Waters asked Murdaugh if he meant what he told the jury Thursday – that he tried to help police find the killers. “Other than lying to them about going to the kennels, I was cooperative in every aspect of this investigation,” Murdaugh said. “Very cooperative except maybe the most important fact of all, that you were at the murder scene with the victims just minutes before they died,” Waters replied.

  1. For 20 months, Murdaugh insisted that he was never at the kennels.
  2. But after more than a year, state agents hacked his son’s iPhone and found a video with Alex Murdaugh’s voice less than five minutes before the victims stopped using their cellphones and prosecutors think they were shot.
  3. Murdaugh, 54, is charged with murder in the deaths of his wife, Maggie, 52, and their 22-year-old son, Paul, but has steadfastly denied any involvement.

He faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted. Waters tried to get more details from Murdaugh about what happened during the kennel visit, saying this was all new to investigators since he only admitted to it in court Thursday. The details are critical.

  1. The video ended just before 8:46 p.m.
  2. And Paul and Maggie Murdaugh stopped using their cellphones about three minutes later.
  3. Murdaugh couldn’t remember how long he was at the kennels, whether he got blood on his hands pulling a dead chicken from a dog’s mouth or the last words he would ever say to his son and his wife.

“There would have been some exchange,” Murdaugh said. Waters said it appeared Murdaugh remembered a lot of specifics when the details were critical, but not when they might get him in trouble. “You disagree with my characterization that you have a photographic memory about the details that have to fit now that you know these facts but you’re fuzzy about the other stuff that complicates that?” Waters said.

After the brief kennel visit, Murdaugh said Friday he returned to the family’s house about 1,150 feet away on a golf cart, lay down for a few minutes and then got up to get ready to visit his ailing mother about 9:02 p.m., a time verified by step data on his cellphone, which he didn’t take to the kennels.

Waters asked Murdaugh if a flurry of steps and a series of unanswered phone calls he started making to his wife and son at 9:02 p.m. after no activity was detected on his phone for nearly an hour was a way a lawyer and volunteer prosecutor could begin crafting a story to show he couldn’t be the killer.

“I never manufactured any alibi in any way shape or form because I did not and would not hurt my wife and my child,” Murdaugh said. Until the kennel questions, much of the cross-examination of Murdaugh concentrated on how he stole money from clients and his law firm and the addiction to opioids that Murdaugh said led to the thefts.

Prosecutors have said Murdaugh killed his wife and son to gain sympathy to buy time because his financial misdeeds were about to be discovered. Murdaugh stanchly denied killing them in questioning Thursday from his attorneys. Murdaugh avoided yes or no answers in cross-examination, instead repeating questions and then setting off on meandering answers tangential to the prosecutor’s questions.

  • Exasperated, Waters again asked Murdaugh if he looked his clients in the eye before he stole from them.
  • They are real people.
  • They are good people.
  • They are all people that I care about.
  • And a lot of them are people I loved.
  • And I did wrong by them,” Murdaugh said, repeating a version of one of his frequent answers.

“You hurt the people you love, I know,” Waters replied dismissively. Murdaugh is charged with about 100 other crimes, ranging from stealing from clients to tax evasion. He is being held without bail on those charges, so even if he is acquitted of the killings, he will not walk out of court a free man.

What is Buster Murdaugh doing now?

– The triangle icon that indicates to play On July 14, 2022, a little over a year since Paul and Maggie were killed, Alex was indicted for their murders. According to, the Murdaugh patriarch was “charged with two counts of murder and two counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.” As of this writing, his trial is currently ongoing, having begun on January 23, 2023. Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels Courtesy of Netflix

(It should be noted that Alex has also been charged with several other crimes separate from the double homicide, including “insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, and filing a false police report,” as well as “misappropriating insurance settlement funds” and “two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.”)So, while we know where Alex currently is — on trial in Colleton County, South Carolina — where is his surviving son, Buster?Richard Alexander “Buster” Murdaugh was studying to become a lawyer like his dad, but in 2019, he was expelled from the University of South Carolina for plagiarism, according to Valerie Bauerlein from The Wall Street Journal, who investigated the murders and was interviewed for the docuseries.Today, Buster is 26 years old and, as reported in November 2022, “is living a quiet life with his longtime girlfriend” and golden retriever in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

He is for his dad’s murder trial and has been attending the legal proceedings. He on his father’s behalf. In early February 2023, the reported Buster was kicked to the back of the courtroom after he allegedly flipped off Mark Tinsley, Mallory Beach’s family’s lawyer who was part of the Netflix docuseries, while Mark was testifying.

The outlet also shared Buster apparently “kicked over a water bottle in anger when security asked him to move out of the front row behind his father.” Though Buster is not on trial for the double homicide, he was part of a lawsuit made by his late brother’s friend, Connor Cook. Connor’s lawsuit was against Paul Murdaugh’s family members (which included Buster), as well as the store and store clerk who sold Paul, then underage, alcohol, using Buster’s ID.

The Netflix series shared security footage of Paul using his older brother’s ID to buy the alcohol at the store. That alcohol was then consumed by Paul and his friends, which ultimately resulted in Connor’s injury — as well as Mallory Beach’s death and three other kids’ injuries — when Paul allegedly drove the boat while under the influence and crashed it into a piling. Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels Connor Cook and girlfriend Miley Altman were both in the 2019 boating accident. Netflix According to, “Buster Murdaugh, the suit alleges, was negligent in sharing his license to his brother to purchase alcohol.” However, in January 2023, Buster and his late mother were dropped from that lawsuit as part of a settlement, as reported by,

  • Buster’s name was also linked to one of the other deaths examined in Murdaugh Murders : that of 19-year-old Stephen Smith in 2015.
  • Stephen’s body was found in the middle of the road and the investigation into his death suspiciously “fade away,” said private investigator Steve Peterson on the docuseries, after the Murdaugh name became associated with Stephen.

Rumors of a secret relationship between Buster and Stephen were mentioned on the Netflix show, and several people shared they heard rumblings that Buster was involved in Stephen’s death. However, reported in July 2022 that how Stephen died “remains a mystery to this day” and his murderer has never been brought to justice. Senior Editor Stacey Grant is a senior editor at Seventeen who runs the brand’s Snapchat Discover channel. She also covers entertainment topics specializing in nostalgia, such as classic ’90s and ’00s Disney Channel and Nickelodeon content. : Where Is Buster Murdaugh Now? True Story of Murdaugh Murders Surviving Son

Why did Maggie and Paul go to the kennels?

It has been revealed that Alex Murdaugh ‘s wife Maggie Murdaugh was struggling in her dwindling marriage just weeks before her death, Article continues below advertisement According to reports from Daily Mail, the couple’s relationship was “rocky” in the last weeks of her life as the late mom-of-two had been hounding her husband over their financial and marital struggles. Source: Maggie Murdaugh/Facebook Just weeks before Maggie was found dead with their son Paul by the dog kennel near their South Carolina residence, she was reportedly having trouble getting “real answers” out of her husband about their precarious financial situation. Source: Maggie Murdaugh/ Facebook Article continues below advertisement The source continued: “I don’t know if that was because she was planning to leave or because she knew that she didn’t always have money to pay the bills,” MORE ON: Crime

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According to the source, Maggie “confronted him about money more than once and his response was always the same, ‘Leave it to me. I’ll figure it out just like I did the last time.'” Article continues below advertisement “I remember one day, it must have been months before she was killed, she was crying because she had written a check at a charity luncheon, and it had bounced,” the source revealed, adding that Maggie was “mortified and upset” over the incident. Source: Maggie Murdaugh/Facebook Article continues below advertisement Another major bombshell that the source told the outlet relates to the dog kennel where Maggie and her son were found shot to death. She would reportedly visit the kennel at least once a week, and she even brought along their son in the hopes of keeping him on the straight and narrow.

  • Maggie was afraid that Paul had “inherited his father’s problem with addiction,” as Alex was apparently fighting an opioid addiction.
  • Article continues below advertisement “Maggie was saying that with the beginning of the summer she was worried that Paul would start drinking more and partying harder,” the source said.

“She asked him to spend more time with her and to help her with the kennels. Maggie said she needed to keep an eye on Paul, so she wanted him to go with her to make sure the dogs were okay.”

Did Alex Murdaugh shave his head?

Alex Murdaugh has shaved his head as he begins his life in prison. On Friday morning, the disgraced lawyer received two life sentences for the brutal murders of his wife Maggie, 52, and son, Paul, 22. The sentences will run consecutively. In a new mugshot hours after his sentencing, Murdaugh is seen with a shaved head and a yellow jumpsuit.

The look is much different than the one Murdaugh had when he was sentenced. At that time, he had short reddish hair. Sources told TMZ that it was standard practice, Joshua Boucher/AP/Shutterstock Murdaugh was convicted of two counts of murder and two weapons charges for the June 7, 2021, shooting near the dog kennels of the family’s 1,770-acre hunting estate.

He was convicted on all charges Thursday, after a six-week trial. Authorities said that he killed his wife and son as personal and financial struggles became overwhelming. Prior to the sentencing, Murdaugh addressed Judge Clifton Newman, saying, “I’m innocent.

  1. I would never hurt my wife Maggie.
  2. And I would never hurt my son ‘Paul Paul.'” Before Murdaugh spoke, prosecutor Creighton Waters asked for two consecutive life sentences, calling Murdaugh a “cunning manipulator.
  3. A man who placed himself above all others, including his family.” “A man like this man should never be allowed to be among free, law-abiding citizens again,” Waters said, adding that during the trial, whenever Murdaugh would walk by him, he would stare him down.

Just before sentencing Murdaugh, Newman addressed him at length, saying, “I know you have to see Paul and Maggie during the nighttime when you’re attempting to go to sleep. I’m sure they come and visit you.” After Murdaugh claimed he was innocent for the second time in the morning, Newman said, “It might not have been you.

  • It might have been the monster you’ve become.
  • When you take 20, 40, 50, 60 opioid pills, maybe you become another person.” RELATED VIDEO: Juror Reveals Piece of Evidence that Convinced Him of Alex Murdaugh’s Guilt After Murdaugh’s conviction, one juror spoke out and revealed the piece of evidence that convinced him Murdaugh was guilty.

Juror Craig Moyer told Good Morning America that cell phone evidence introduced early on in the trial is what made him sure of Murdaugh’s guilt. “I was certain it was voice,” Moyer said. “Everybody else could hear too.” At the start of the trial, Waters revealed that Paul had taken a cell phone video near the dog kennels on the family’s Islandton property at 8:44 p.m.

on the night the murders occurred. The video features the voices of Paul, Maggie and Murdaugh. The video was a key component for the prosecution because Murdaugh initially denied being near the dog kennels where Maggie and Paul were killed. Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? Sign up for PEOPLE’ s free True Crime newsletter for breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases.

Sometime after that video was taken, Paul was shot in the chest and head with a shotgun at close range. Maggie was shot multiple times, including one shot in the back and additional shots while she was lying on the ground. She had been shot with 300 Blackout ammo from an AR-style rifle.

Both of them were pronounced dead at the scene. For nearly two years, Murdaugh maintained that he hadn’t been with Paul and Maggie at the family’s dog kennels on the night they were killed. But when he took the stand during the murder trial, he admitted that he lied about his whereabouts. “I lied about being down there, and I’m so sorry that I did,” Murdaugh said on the stand.

Moyer also said he thought Murdaugh was a “good liar, but not good enough.” “I didn’t see any true remorse or any compassion or anything,” Moyer told GMA, referencing when Murdaugh took the stand in his own defense. “He never cried,” Moyer continued.

What happens to dogs in kennels?

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What is the meaning of dog kennel?

1. : a shelter for a dog.2. : a place where dogs or cats are bred or housed. kennel.

What happened to Murdaugh dog Bubba?

Murdaugh family lab Bubba is seen living with their former housekeeper Updated: 05:37 BST, 22 March 2023 He was the unlikely ‘star witness’ on whose evidence the case turned. And now, the Murdaugh family’s yellow Labrador, Bubba, spends his days rolling in the grass and playing with his chew toy like an oversized puppy, under the care of his new owner.

Seen in these exclusive pictures obtained by DailyMail.com, the ten-year-old pooch is now living with Blanca Simpson, 56, herself a key witness for the prosecution in ‘s murder trial. Murdaugh family dog Bubba, became a key ‘witness’ in Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial by helping destroy the disgraced legal scion’s alibi and placing him at the scene of the crime The boisterous yellow lab was taken in by the family as a puppy and was known to accompany them on hunting trips After the deaths of Maggie and Paul (pictured) Murdaugh had trouble finding a home for Bubba and couldn’t keep him while he moved from house to house He lumbers around, tongue lolling, and leans in to be petted.

A member of the Murdaugh family since puppyhood, it was the boisterous dog’s habit of pestering birds that destroyed Alex Murdaugh’s alibi and placed him at the scene of the crime just moments before his wife and son were shot. Former housekeeper Blanca Simpson, herself a key witness in the trial, was asked to look after Bubba in the aftermath of Maggie and Paul’s deaths

  • Murdaugh, 54, had consistently denied being anywhere near the kennels at the time of wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul’s, 22, deaths in June 2021.
  • But 58 seconds of cellphone video, recorded by Paul himself, saw the disgraced attorney caught in a lie.
  • The video was of a friend’s dog, but Maggie can be heard in the background talking about Bubba.
  • ‘He’s got a bird in his mouth,’ she exclaims in the clip.
  • Murdaugh, unaware that he is being recorded, calls Bubba by name and corrects Maggie when she says, ‘He’s got a guinea.’
  • ‘It’s a chicken,’ Murdaugh says, before coaxing, ‘C’mon Bubba,’ to get the dog to relinquish the bird.
  • Simpson was the housekeeper at the Murdaughs’ Moselle estate for more than a decade.

Today, Bubba spends his days rolling in the grass and playing with his chew toy like an oversized puppy, under the care of his new owner According to Simpson, Bubba has also grieved the loss of the life he once knew, his owners Maggie and Paul, but two years on he seems settled and happy in his new home Now-convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh, 54, had consistently denied being anywhere near the family’s dog kennels at the time of his wife and son’s deaths on June 7, 2021 Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, were found shot dead on the grounds of the family home on June 7.

  1. At Maggie’s request she cooked the family the last meal they ate together on June 7, 2021 – country fried steak and macaroni cheese – and she counted the mother-of-two as a friend.
  2. She told the court what Murdaugh was wearing when she saw him earlier that evening and noted that she never saw that shirt again, though she did the family’s laundry and was familiar with their clothing.
  3. She also said that Murdaugh had pressured her to tell cops that he was wearing a different shirt to the one he had been wearing earlier on the day of the murders.
  4. Simpson is still grieving the loss of her friend Maggie, trying to live with the horror of the murders, and struggling to reconcile Murdaugh the killer with the husband and father she thought she knew all those years.
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It is, she told DailyMail.com, ‘a process,’ and it is one with which Bubba is helping. ‘Caring for Bubba, I feel the connection to Maggie,’ Simpson explained. ‘We were friends, she could be herself with me and Bubba was really Maggie’s dog. He went everywhere with her.’ Bubba slept in Paul’s bed as a puppy, Simpson revealed.

The younger Murdaugh brother can be seen holding the yellow lab as a child in an undated family photo The adorable dog would join the family on their quail hunting trips and had a habit of pestering the chickens and birds on the property. Paul can be seen removing a dead quail from Bubba’s mouth in a photo shared by Maggie in 2018 While the family owned four dogs, Bubba was really Maggie’s dog and ‘went everywhere with her,’ according to the former housekeeper General views of 4147 Moselle Road, the former Murdaugh family home and the location of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh’s murders At the trial, Simpson testified that Alex told her to go to the house and clean up the day after Maggie and Paul were killed at the kennels When Bubba was a puppy he slept in Paul’s bed.

‘Then when he got bigger, they sent him to school to be trained,’ she said. Watching as Bubba barrels around the yard in front of her South Carolina home, Simpson adds: ‘I’m not sure he learned much. He’s a handful.’

  • It was Murdaugh who asked Simpson to look after Bubba in the aftermath of his wife and son’s deaths.
  • ‘The Sunday after Maggie and Paul were killed my husband and I moved into Moselle to look after the place,’ she said.
  • ‘We had the dogs, Bubba and Grady out there with us.’
  • Murdaugh’s surviving son Buster, 26, ultimately took black Labrador Grady but Murdaugh was having difficulty finding a home for Bubba and couldn’t keep him while he moved from house to house – never spending another night at Moselle.

Simpson says she is still grieving the loss of her friend Maggie (pictured left with their black lab Grady) and trying to reconcile Alex Murdaugh the murderer with the husband and father she thought she knew all those years Surviving son Buster was seen visiting his mom and younger brother’s graves last month and placing a mini statue of a dog resembling Bubba on Maggie’s burial site The poignant dog statue is among the various trinkets and mementos adorning Maggie and Paul’s burial sites at the Hampton Cemetery in South Carolina Simpson said: ‘He asked if I could take Bubba for a while and of course I said yes.’ But she could not have imagined how Murdaugh’s reputation would unravel, first with revelations of stealing millions of dollars from both his clients and his firm, and ultimately with the allegation that, overwhelmed by the threat of imminent discovery, he slaughtered his wife and son.

  1. Today, Murdaugh is still awaiting trial for close to 100 financial crimes – many to which he confessed when he testified at his murder trial.
  2. He is inmate number 00390394 and nearly three weeks after he was sentenced he remains in Kirkland Correctional Facility northwest of Columbia, awaiting a permanent placement.
  3. He is serving two life sentences for the murders and prosecutors have announced that they intend to seek a third at his pending trial meaning he would never be eligible for parole.
  4. According to Simpson, Bubba has also grieved the loss of the life he once knew, his mistress and Paul, but two years on he seems settled and happy in his new home.

‘He looks like a different dog now than when we first had him. He’s eating, he’s put on weight,’ she said. ‘I get a lot of people asking after Bubba, one lady even sent a chicken chew toy. ‘He’s doing well but I think he misses them for sure. I don’t know how much he understands of what happened, but I know that.’ : Murdaugh family lab Bubba is seen living with their former housekeeper

What was Alex Murdaugh alibi?

‘I did not shoot my wife or my son’ –

  1. The first questions from defense attorney Jim Griffin focused on the 2021 murders, as Griffin repeatedly asked Murdaugh whether he had taken a rifle or a shotgun and shot his wife and son.
  2. “No I did not,” Murdaugh replied.
  3. He repeated that reply when Griffin asked Murdaugh: Did you “blow your son’s brains out?”

“I did not shoot my wife or my son any time. Ever,” Murdaugh said. Murdaugh also admitted that he lied to investigators about his alibi — he has repeatedly said he didn’t see his wife and son after they ate dinner at Moselle, their hunting estate. In his version of events, he said he napped in the house while Paul and Maggie visited the dog kennels.

  • But several witnesses have identified Alex Murdaugh’s voice in a video taken by Paul at the kennel, minutes before investigators say the execution-style shooting began.
  • “I did lie to them,” Murdaugh said of the account he told at least three law enforcement officials.
  • Asked by Griffin why he lied, Murdaugh blamed his opioid addiction.

“As my addiction evolved over time,” Murdaugh said, he had incidents of great paranoia. He said he was nervous as a deputy sheriff swabbed his hands, and investigators asked him about his relationship with his wife and son, “coupled with my distrust of SLED” — the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

What was the motive for the Murdaugh murders?

Alex Murdaugh killed wife, son to buy time, prosecutor says The jury in the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh visited the family estate Wednesday, touring the kennel area where his wife and son were found fatally shot in 2021. (March 1) Videos Jury visits crime scene in Murdaugh murder trial The jury in the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh visited the family estate Wednesday, touring the kennel area where his wife and son were found fatally shot in 2021.

(March 1) Photos Published :,, Alex Murdaugh’s theft of millions of dollars was about to be revealed so he killed his wife and son to buy time to figure a way out, a prosecutor said Wednesday during closing arguments in the disgraced South Carolina attorney’s Fearing his years of stealing from his law firm and clients would be exposed and hoping to maintain his lofty standing in the community, Murdaugh killed his wife and younger son in the hopes it would make him a sympathetic figure and draw attention away from the missing money, prosecutor Creighton Waters told jurors.

Aided by his knowledge of how criminal cases are constructed, he hatched a clever plan to make sure they were at the family’s Colleton County property on the night they were killed, June 7, 2021, he said. “The pressures on this man were unbearable. And they were all reaching a crescendo the day his wife and son were murdered by him,” Waters said.

The defense will get to sum up its case on Thursday. Murdaugh, 54, faces 30 years to life in prison if of either murder count. Investigators said his 22-year-old son, Paul, was shot twice with a shotgun and his 52-year-old wife, Maggie, was shot four or five times with a rifle outside of the kennels on their property.

Jurors began the day with a visit to the crime scene, where a pool reporter said at least one of them carefully inspected the door frame of a storage closet where Paul Murdaugh was standing when he was killed. The key piece of evidence connecting Alex Murdaugh to the killings is Paul Murdaugh shot from the kennels about five minutes before he last used his cellphone.

It took more than a year for federal agents to hack into the young man’s locked iPhone and find it. Alex Murdaugh repeatedly told everyone, starting with the first investigator to respond to the killings, that he hadn’t been at the kennels that night. But while testifying in his own defense, he admitted that he lied and that he had been there.

“Why in the world would an innocent, reasonable father and husband lie about that? And lie about it so early?” Waters said.

  • Although the weapons used to kill the victims haven’t been found, an expert testified that the markings on the bullet casings found near Maggie Murdaugh’s body matched those found on casings at a shooting range on the family’s property.
  • But there was no blood spatter linking the killings to Alex Murdaugh or anyone else, and prosecutors didn’t spend much time laying out how they think Murdaugh could have killed his family, cleaned himself up, disposed of the clothes and weapons, and composed himself in the before GPS data shows he left the property to visit his ailing mother.
  • The prosecution’s star crime scene expert said there wasn’t enough evidence collected at the scene to definitely say whether there were one or two shooters at the kennels.
  • Still, Waters said there is enough evidence to link the killings to the financial crimes and to Alex Murdaugh being the only person with the motive, means and opportunity to kill his wife and son.

“As all of these pressures were mounting, the defendant killed Maggie and Paul,’ Waters said, pulling out his cellphone and waving it. “The forensic timeline puts him there. The use of the family weapons collaborates it. And his lies and his guilty actions afterward confirm that.” Waters said Alex Murdaugh has been lying for years to cover up his opioid addiction and the millions of dollars he stole, so it would be easy to lie about being at the kennels and killing his family, and to lie while testifying in his own defense last week.

Always having to stay one step ahead of the game. Always have to literally beg, borrow and steal for over a decade to have the truth from being exposed,” Waters said. The prosecutor said he thought Murdaugh rehearsed his testimony and was scared to deviate, so he couldn’t give specifics when Waters asked for details that would seem memorable such as his last conversation with his wife at the kennels before she died.

“This defendant has fooled everyone — everyone who thought they were close to him,” Waters said. “He fooled Maggie and Paul, too, and they paid for it with their lives. Don’t let him fool you, too.”

  1. The defense has said state agents conducted a that focused too quickly on Alex Murdaugh and missed evidence such as fingerprints and shoe prints that could have led to the real killers.
  2. They asked for jurors to be allowed to visit the property in order to help them understand how small the storage room is where Paul Murdaugh was killed and the distance between
  3. Prosecutors opposed the visit, saying the scene looks different than it did in June 2021, as trees and vegetation have grown and no one has lived on the property since the killings.

Judge Clifton Newman allowed the visit but cautioned jurors about the differences in how the property looks now. They were also cautioned to watch for snakes. Once closing arguments are finished, the jurors will get their instructions and begin deliberating what they learned during a trial that has included more than 75 witnesses and lasted more than six weeks.

Did Buster have anything to do with the Murdaugh murders?

‘ Sandy Smith, has previously said her suspicions about who killed her son lie with Buster Murdaugh. In a statement released in March 2023 Buster vehemently denied the ‘baseless’ and ‘vicious rumors’ that he was involved in Smith’s death.

Does Buster Murdaugh support his father?

So, does Buster Murdaugh support his father? – Ahead of the double murder trial, Buster angrily rejected the idea that he supported his father. The 26-year-old remaining son remained tight-lipped about the situation for quite some time, but he spoke with DailyMail.com in November 2022 — the outlet presumed he would support his father throughout the trial.

However, Buster adamantly replied: “You have no right to presume anything, I don’t want to see it written anywhere that I’m supporting my father.” Article continues below advertisement Nevertheless, Buster has been at the courthouse every day since the start of the high-profile trial (which began on Jan.25, 2023) in a show of support for his father.

On Tuesday, Feb.21, nearly a month into the trial, Buster was the first witness called to the stand by the defense. Buster’s testimony weakened some critical points in the prosecution’s case, including the police interview where his father appeared to confess to killing his wife and son.

  1. Buster testified that his father’s behavior was “normal” on the day of Maggie and Paul’s murders; however, in the aftermath of the killings, Buster said his father was “destroyed, heartbroken,
  2. Just broken down.” He added that the 63-year-old former personal injury lawyer was crying and couldn’t really speak.

Despite Buster’s putting on a united front and supporting his father in court every day, The Independent reported that Buster was spotted “hugging his aunt Marian Proctor — Maggie’s sister — in court after she testified against his father.” In her testimony, she detailed his alleged affair, excessive drug use, and “odd behavior” prior to the murders.

Did they ever find Mallory Beach?

Was Mallory Beach ever found? – It took law enforcement over a week to locate Mallory. On March 3, 2019, eight days after the accident, two volunteers found Mallory’s body about five miles from the crash scene, according to, The coroner’s office said that Mallory died from blunt force trauma and drowning, reports. She was the only person to die from the accident. Courtesy of Netflix – Netflix On April 18, 2019, Paul was charged with three felony counts, including one count of boating under the influence causing death and two counts of boating under the influence causing bodily injury, according to, He pleaded not guilty and was later released on bail.

But on June 7, 2021, while awaiting trial, Paul was shot and killed alongside his mother, Maggie Murdaugh, according to, Paul’s father,, was charged for the double homicide, and on March 2, 2023, a jury found the disgraced ex-lawyer guilty of killing his wife and son. Per, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

On July 17, 2023, four years after Mallory’s death, confirmed that the Beach family reached a $15 million settlement with the convenience store chain, Parker’s, that sold alcohol to an underage Paul that night. According to the outlet, Paul allegedly used his mother’s credit card and the ID of his older brother, Buster, to purchase alcohol at the store.

What was the Gucci receipt in the Murdaugh trial?

The Gucci Receipt – South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Senior Special Agent Jeff Croft testified last month that a slew of evidence was seized from the family hunting estate where Maggie and Paul were killed, including three shotguns, an AR-15, ammo from the gun room—and a credit card receipt that showcased a luxury purchase.

Croft said that the credit card receipt, which showed a $1,021.10 charge at Gucci that was circled, was found in a trash can at the shed near the crime scene along with two empty ammunition boxes. Prosecutors did not explain why the receipt was important, why the amount was circled, or even who made the purchase—but they did have another crime scene technician put the receipt into evidence.

Evans noted that while jurors may not yet know the relevance, “it’s very likely that the prosecution team will tie this detail back in during closing arguments.” “Unless a detail makes its way into evidence, it’s not fair game to mention it in closing,” he noted.

How do they know when Maggie and Paul were killed?

Alex Murdaugh reported their deaths in a now-infamous 911 call just after 10 p.m. that evening. Cell-phone and GPS evidence presented in his murder trial showed Alex arriving at the Moselle property at 6:42 p.m. with Paul following shortly after.

What is Alex Murdaugh’s net worth?

What is Alex Murdaugh’s net worth? – Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels Alex Murdaugh. Joshua Boucher/Getty Images What is Alex Murdaugh’s net worth? According to Exact Net Worth, Alex Murdaugh’s net worth is about $1 million. As a lawyer, the site reports that his occupation made him earn $250,000 a year. Murdaugh was one of the owners of the law firm Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth & Detrick, which his great-grandfather Randolph Murdaugh Sr.

founded his law office in Hampton County in 1910. His sons, Buster and Paul, also tried to follow in his footsteps by going to law school and attending his same alma mater, the University of Southern Carolina. Their family spent their time split a beach house, a couple of private islands, and a massive 1,772-acre estate known as Moselle — At the time of the roadside accident, the firm said that it had hired a forensic accounting firm to investigate the suspected misappropriation of funds and that it had also notified the police and the South Carolina Bar, according to the New York Times.

Days later on September 16, 2021, Alex Murdaugh surrendered to authorities and was charged with multiple felonies including insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and filing a false police report. He returned shortly to a drug rehabilitation center after he was granted bond and a judge ordered him to surrender his passport.

After he was released from the drug rehabilitation center in October 2021, Murdaugh was arrested and charged with two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses after an investigation into millions of dollars that went missing from a settlement involving the death of his housekeeper Gloria Satterfield.

According to her heirs, they received none of the proceeds from a $4.3 million settlement they said was orchestrated in secret by Murdaugh. Her case was opened up again in June 2022 after there were suspicions that arose after her death was listed as “natural,” which a coroner has said was inconsistent with injuries sustained in a “trip and fall accident” in Mudaugh’s home. Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels Alex Murdaugh. Image: Joshua Boucher/Getty Images Prosecutors looked into Murdaugh’s roadside accident a week after it happened and accused Murdaugh of hiring someone to kill him so that his surviving son, Buster, could collect on a $10m life insurance policy.

Murdaugh later admitted that he had asked his distant cousin and drug dealer Curtis Edward Smith to shoot him in the head. Murdaugh’s lawyers said he had come up with a plan to make his suicide look like murder because his life insurance policy didn’t cover suicide. At the end of 2021, Murdaugh faced 48 separate charges including nine counts of breach of trust with fraudulent intent, seven counts of computer crimes, four counts of money laundering and one count of forgery.

In a statement of December of that year, he attributed his opiate withdrawal “My head is on straighter, I’m thinking clearer than I have in a long, long time,” Murdaugh says. “I want to deal with these charges appropriately and head-on.” By January 21, 2022, his charges increased as he faced 71 charges involving the theft of about $8.5 million over the course of 11 years.

In July of the same year, a jury ruled to indict Murdaugh for the murder of Paul and Margaret. A grand jury also indicted Murdaugh and Smith with criminal conspiracy and narcotics offenses. They are accused of conspiring to purchase and distribute oxycodone in Colleton County from October 7, 2013, to September 7, 2021.

In an opening statement to Alex Murdugh’s trial on January 25, 2023, prosecutor Creighton Waters told the jury that Margaret and Paul’s injuries were listed “as if they didn’t see a threat coming from their attacker.” He added that the injuries were “gruesome”, Waters told the jury.

He also noted cellphone data that placed Murdaugh at the scene of the crime just minutes before his family’s phones would “go silent forever”. Police also found a “wadded up” raincoat inside Murdaugh’s parents’ home that was “coated in gunshot residue.” Murdaugh later took to the witness stand and admitted that he lied to the police about where he was on the night of his family’s murders.

He also acknowledged that he had stolen from his law clients. He conceded that he had pocketed a check he was supposed to hand over to his law firm. Murdaugh also confessed that he lied about his whereabouts on the night of the murder. “I did lie to them,” he said, blaming his addiction to opiate painkillers.

  1. I wasn’t thinking clearly,” he added.
  2. I don’t think I was capable of reason, and I lied about being down there, and I’m so sorry that I did.” He continued to deny responsibility for his wife and son’s murder.
  3. I didn’t shoot my wife or my son, anytime, ever.”As of February 24, 2023, Murdaugh was charged with over 100 financial charges as well as stealing about $8.8 million from a range of victims and charges related to the murder.
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If you’re interested in learning more about the family, don’t miss Murdaugh Murders : A Southern Scandal on Netflix. The synopsis of which is as follows: “The Murdaughs were one of South Carolina’s most prominent families, but the death of teenager Mallory Beach in a drunken boating accident began the unraveling of their legacy.

When Paul Murdaugh—the alleged driver of the boat—and his mother Maggie are found brutally murdered, a century of corruption, power, and cover-ups in the Low Country is brought to light. The three-part series will feature first-hand accounts from those on the boat that fateful night, many of whom have not spoken about the crash or double homicide of Maggie and Paul until now, including Paul Murdaugh’s longtime girlfriend, Morgan Doughty; Mallory Beach’s childhood friends, Miley Altman and Connor Cook; Mallory’s boyfriend, Anthony Cook; and, several others.” Netflix’s Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal is available to stream now.

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Why does Alex Murdaugh keep nodding?

Murdaugh Head Nods – When Alex Murdaugh was asked if he killed his family, he says “No, I did not,” while nodding his head up and down. In that same response, Murdaugh nodded his head several times when making the denial. Many people will be quick to suggest that that head nod was clearly contrary to the denial, using the head nod as a sign of deception (nodding yes while denying).

But hold on; Murdaugh nods his head almost continuously at times, even when not being asked a question or even speaking. That behavior may be a residual effect of a drug addiction. Yes, although he is likely clean during this testimony, such behavioral effects (e.g., tremors, fidgeting, twitching, tics, etc.) can continue in individuals who have been afflicted with drugs even when they are clean.

Thus, jumping on such single instances of behavior and drawing definitive conclusions is difficult and should be done with caution. Compounding this issue is that head nods are also used to illustrate or animate speech, and not just as signs of verbal “yes” or agreement.

Who did Alex Murdaugh touch around the waist?

The trial against Alex Murdaugh, the ginger-haired scion of a powerful legal family, began Jan.23 in Colleton County. He’s charged with double murder in the June 2021 slayings of his wife and youngest son. The Post and Courier has three reporters covering the criminal trial from the Walterboro courthouse.

  1. Frequent updates from testimony and court proceedings will be posted here throughout the day, with the latest information appearing at the top.
  2. Read more about the Murdaugh saga, including our in-depth profiles and past trial coverage.5:55 p.m.
  3. Update: Murdaugh initially disagreed with Waters when the prosecutor described his lifestyle in 2011 and 2012 as “wealthy.” Murdaugh was making over $1 million a year at the time, he said.

Waters continued asking Murdaugh about cases in which he’d stolen money from his clients. But each time Waters asked him to recall specific details about a case or conversations he had with his clients, Murdaugh came up with nothing. He instead repeated vague, blanket statements in which he accepted general wrongdoing: “There are a lot of conversations I had where I misled my clients and I stole their money.” Waters wanted to know what Murdaugh specifically told his clients and how he convinced them everything was fine when, in reality, the lawyer was siphoning their money.

  • Newman dismissed jurors for the day.
  • They’ll return at 9:30 a.m.
  • Feb.24.5:20 p.m.
  • Update: Murdaugh told jurors he can’t remember when he began stealing his legal clients’ money.
  • Waters said he’d go through each case with the defendant, beginning with a lawsuit he settled in 2011 on behalf of teenager Natarsha Thomas.

Murdaugh’s fees in the case were $800,000 — but that wasn’t enough, Waters said. The defendant admitted to stealing some of her settlement money. “I shouldn’t have done it, I hate the fact that I did it,” Murdaugh said. “I’m embarrassed by it. I’m embarrassed for my son, I’m embarrassed for my family, and I don’t dispute that I did it.” Murdaugh repeatedly, but loosely, admitted to all the times he’d stolen from clients, “just to try and get through this quicker.” But Waters wouldn’t let him, insisting he planned to go through each case.

  • The prosecutor tried to impress upon jurors that every time, Murdaugh was taking advantage of his clients’ trust to deliberately mislead them, often looking into their eyes and lying.4:49 p.m.
  • Update: Murdaugh’s father gave him a badge for being a volunteer assistant solicitor.
  • He’d keep it in his car — sometimes in the cupholder, on a seat or in the dashboard.

“If I’m going somewhere where I want somebody to see it, then I would put it in the dash,” Murdaugh said. “For instance, if I get pulled over, I might have it in the cupholder so an officer can see it when he walked up.” Law enforcement officers are often friendlier when they find out you’re also in law enforcement, he added.

Waters asked Murdaugh if he considered himself law enforcement, but the defendant demurred: “No sir.” “So you were just using this badge to your advantage?” Waters asked. “I guess in some circumstances, that is accurate,” Murdaugh replied. The defendant said he never remembers taking a sworn oath when he worked in the Solicitor’s Office.

At some point, Murdaugh said he had blue lights installed in one of his personal cars. It wasn’t a government-issued vehicle, Murdaugh said, but sheriffs in several 14th Circuit jurisdictions gave him permission. Waters transitioned to asking Murdaugh about the 2019 boat crash involving Paul, whom Murdaugh has repeatedly referred to as “PawPaw” during his testimony.

  • Waters paused to ask Murdaugh whether he’d ever used the nickname in any of the recorded statements jurors have heard over the course of this trial.
  • Murdaugh said he didn’t remember.
  • The prosecutor then asked Murdaugh whether he was carrying his Solicitor’s Office badge the night of the boat crash, when he visited Paul at a hospital.

Murdaugh said he didn’t remember using the badge, but Waters showed him a photo taken from surveillance footage in which Murdaugh is seen speaking with a law enforcement officer. The badge is clearly hanging from his pocket. Murdaugh again acknowledged the badge has a “warming effect” with law enforcement.

Waters asked Murdaugh whether he had told any of the young boat crash victims not to cooperate with law enforcement officers, which he denied. In spring 2021, prosecutors opened an obstruction of justice investigation into Murdaugh’s actions that night.4:15 p.m. update: After a short break, Waters began cross-examining Murdaugh.

He established the defendant had lied for a year-and-a-half about being down at the kennels with Maggie and Paul the night they were killed. Murdaugh agreed he had been stealing money from clients and his law firm for many years — since 2010. Waters asked Murdaugh about his family’s lengthy reign over the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

  1. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father served consecutive terms from 1920 to 2006 as chief prosecutor of Allendale, Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper counties.
  2. By the time Murdaugh’s grandfather retired from the position in 1986, he was the longest-serving prosecutor in the country.
  3. Murdaugh idolized his grandfather, he said.

Murdaugh himself never became a full-time prosecutor. He instead joined the firm his great-grandfather started in 1910 as a trial lawyer, collecting millions of dollars in fees from representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. Waters established that as a civil attorney, Murdaugh would help investigate the facts of a case, such as collecting cell phone data or information from a car’s event data recorder — similar evidence presented in this trial.

  • Murdaugh agreed a lot of people in the Lowcountry viewed his family as “prominent.” “I think my family was very well thought of, I think my family was respected,” he said.
  • I think my family helped a lot of people.” He agreed his family, including himself, had a “very long association” with law enforcement in the community — both friendships and professional relationships.

Murdaugh explained he also served as a volunteer assistant solicitor in the 14th Circuit. He helped prosecute five criminal trials between 1998 and 2021, working with his father on each. The criminal and civil systems have differences but also a lot of similarities, Murdaugh and Waters agreed: analyzing evidence, preparing for trial and presenting your case to a jury.3:45 p.m.

  1. Update: Griffin transitioned to asking Murdaugh about the events of Labor Day weekend in 2021.
  2. Murdaugh’s law partners confronted him Sept.3 and accused him of stealing money, which Murdaugh admitted, he said.
  3. They forced him to resign from the firm.
  4. I’m certain they were not aware of my addiction,” he said, telling jurors it was “extremely bad” but he was still able to function and practice law.

On Sept.4, Murdaugh met with Wilson. He was candid about his addiction and “the things that involved (Wilson)” with respect to Murdaugh’s misconduct, he said. Murdaugh had already made arrangements to go to a detox center, he said. Murdaugh also wanted to meet that day with another one of his good friends and fellow lawyer, Cory Fleming, “who was affected by the things I did,” he said.

  1. But the meeting never happened.
  2. Murdaugh, who’d handed over his remaining supply of prescription painkillers to his brother, said he’d called a friend, Curtis “Eddie” Smith to bring him more pills, anxious to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
  3. But by the time Murdaugh and Smith met, he’d changed his mind.
  4. Instead of asking for pills, Murdaugh asked Smith to shoot him.

“I meant for him to shoot me so I’d be gone,” Murdaugh said, explaining he knew “all this was coming to a head” and how “humiliating” it would be for Buster. Murdaugh testified he had two life insurance policies on himself totaling $12 million. He did not have policies on either Maggie or Paul, he said.

  1. Griffin asked Murdaugh to describe his relationship with Maggie.
  2. She was just as beautiful inside as she was outside,” he said, beginning to cry.
  3. Murdaugh said his wife was an “adventurous” woman who was unwaveringly devoted to their family.
  4. Griffin asked Murdaugh to describe his relationship with Paul.

He was a “bright” and “inquisitive” little boy who grew into a “man’s man,” Murdaugh said. Paul was a tough person with an undeniable sweet side, always willing to drop everything and help others. Griffin ended his questioning by asking Murdaugh once more whether he killed Maggie or Paul.

Murdaugh said no.3:18 p.m. update: Griffin asked Murdaugh about a hearing in the boat crash lawsuit that was scheduled for June 10. Prosecutors have said that, had the hearing gone forward, a judge may have ordered Murdaugh to turn over his financial records, ultimately exposing his schemes and thefts.

But Murdaugh told jurors he wasn’t concerned, evoking his experience as a trial attorney. In his 27 years of practicing civil litigation, he’s never been able to get a judge to make a defendant turn over anything more than a net worth statement, he said.

Murdaugh was working to prepare this document listing his assets and liabilities the day of the killings, he said. Griffin asked Murdaugh whether he stole his clients’ money: “I did,” he replied. Griffin asked Murdaugh how he got in such a “financial predicament” that he began stealing. “You know, I’m not quite sure how I let myself get where I got,” the defendant said, explaining he’d spent tons on his addiction to painkillers over the span of about two decades.

Murdaugh hurt his knee playing football in college, he said. Several years and many surgeries later, he became increasingly dependent on Oxycontin, he said: “It just escalates.” Murdaugh explained he’d gone to an in-patient detox center three separate times to try and rid himself of the physical dependency.

He came back home after the first two occasions and quickly relapsed, he said. Murdaugh didn’t enter an in-patient rehabilitation facility until September 2021, but has been sober for 535 days, he said. “I’m very proud of that,” he told jurors with a huge grin.2:57 p.m. update: Jurors have returned from their lunch break.

Griffin has resumed his questioning of Murdaugh. Griffin asked Murdaugh about a conversation he had earlier in the day of June 7 with Jeanne Seckinger, his law firm’s chief financial officer. Seckinger told Murdaugh she was following up on missing fees from a civil case he’d worked on with Chris Wilson, a lawyer at another firm.

  1. Murdaugh had Wilson pay the fees directly to him months earlier — clearly violating his firm’s policy, he acknowledged.
  2. But Murdaugh said he lied to Seckinger, assuring her the money was still sitting in Wilson’s account and there was nothing to worry about.
  3. Their conversation quickly ended with Murdaugh got a message saying his father had been admitted to a hospital.

Griffin asked Murdaugh if the conversation between him and Seckinger had worried him. Murdaugh was somewhat concerned, as Seckinger was asking him about money he took that he wasn’t supposed to have. He knew he’d have to deal with the missing fees eventually, but there wasn’t an immediate urgency.

Griffin asked Murdaugh if his “financial house of cards” was about to crumble June 7, as prosecutors have suggested. “Absolutely not,” Murdaugh replied. He also explained it became more difficult to get financing on the family’s Moselle and Edisto Beach properties after his wife’s death, as her name was tied up in both.1:49 p.m.

update: Griffin asked Murdaugh about a conversation he had with Smith a few days after the slayings in which they discussed how long Murdaugh had been at Almeda that night. Murdaugh said he doesn’t “distinctly remember” talking with Smith about how long he was over there. Alex Murdaugh gives testimony in his murder trial at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, Thursday, Feb.23, 2023. Grace Beahm Alford/Staff After the boat crash, “there was so much talk” in the media about Murdaugh trying to fix witnesses and influence the investigation — “things that were totally false,” he said.

Griffin asked Murdaugh about the Aug.11, 2021, interview he had with SLED agent David Owen. Murdaugh testified he’d been “begging him for weeks” to give him an update on the homicide investigation. But Murdaugh walked away from their conversation knowing he was SLED’s prime suspect, he said. Owen had showed him the Snapchat video during this interview and questioned him about what clothing he wore.

Murdaugh said after this interview, he’d approached Blanca Simpson, the family’s housekeeper, to ask what he’d been wearing that day. Murdaugh specifically asked Simpson if she remembered getting his clothes when she returned to Moselle June 8, he said.

  1. SLED agents have never asked Murdaugh to turn over those clothes, he said.
  2. Murdaugh believes the outfit he wore in the Snapchat video never became an issue in the case until his lawyers proved supposed blood spatter found on his white T-shirt “was a lie,” he said.
  3. There was no blood on my shirt,” he said.

Newman dismissed jurors for a lunch break. Court will resume at 2:40 p.m.1:26 p.m. update: Murdaugh said he and Maggie shared their phone and computer passwords with each other. Murdaugh also knew Maggie’s location services were active on her phone. Maggie loved using Apple’s “Find My Friends” feature to keep track of her loved ones’ whereabouts, Murdaugh said.

  1. She used it all the time,” he testified.
  2. I just knew there would be GPS data on Maggie’s phone.” Murdaugh also knew he was an initial suspect in SLED agents’ investigation given he’d been the one to find Maggie and Paul’s bodies.
  3. There’s “no question” the GPS data on Maggie’s phone would’ve exonerated Murdaugh, he said.

But the data was never recovered. By the time investigators performed a full extraction on the device, GPS data from June 7, 2021, had been overwritten. Murdaugh testified that he and Buster were “attached at the hip” in the days following the killings.

They bounced among family members’ homes, staying at his brother’s hunting lodge, with his in-laws in Summerville and with his niece in Greenville. Murdaugh disputed prosecutors’ claims he’d returned to Almeda early in the morning days after the killings to stash evidence. On June 16, the day prosecutors say he showed up, Murdaugh was in Summerville, he said.

The defendant denied carrying any tarp into the Almeda house the week of June 14, as well as a blue rain jacket investigators seized from a closet and found coated on the inside with gunshot residue. Prosecutors contend Murdaugh wrapped up murder weapons in the jacket. Defense attorney Jim Griffin asks Alex Murdaugh if he killed his wife Maggie Murdaugh and son Paul Murdaugh with the 12-gauge shotgun that is in evidence in Murdaugh’s murder trial at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, Thursday, Feb.23, 2023.

  1. Grace Beahm Alford/Staff By Grace Beahm Alford [email protected] 12:59 p.m.
  2. Update: Jurors have returned from their break.
  3. Murdaugh said he touched Maggie several times but Paul only twice.
  4. I know I got blood on my fingertips,” Murdaugh said, adding the blood probably belonged to both Maggie and Paul.

Griffin mentioned a SLED report stating the white T-shirt Murdaugh wore at the crime scene was found covered in high-velocity blood spatter, indicating he was in close proximity when the shootings occurred. Prosecutors never introduced this report as evidence in the trial.

Defense attorneys adamantly disputed its creditability in a number of pre-trial filings, particularly after learning a SLED agent had tested the shirt for blood and it came back negative. Murdaugh told jurors there’s “no way” he had blood spatter on him that night, emphasizing he was “nowhere near” Maggie and Paul when they were shot.

Griffin transitioned to asking Murdaugh what happened after he ultimately left the crime scene. Murdaugh and his remaining son Buster spent the night at the Almeda house, but returned to Moselle first thing the next morning. He doesn’t remember what time he got there, but he took a shower and knew SLED agents were coming by to search the house.

“I told SLED they could do anything, anywhere, anytime that they wanted to — anything to do with me, my property, my cars,” Murdaugh said. “Whatever they wanted, they were welcome to.” Murdaugh said he encouraged SLED agents every time he spoke with them to extract GPS data from his Suburban and his and Maggie’s cell phones.

The data would help corroborate his alibi. “I knew that my Suburban and my phone and Maggie’s phone never crossed paths, and that was extremely important to me,” Murdaugh testified.12:31 p.m. update: Griffin is replaying for jurors portions of Murdaugh’s 911 call.

He asked what Murdaugh was referring to when he said, “I should’ve known.” The defendant replied he was thinking about the threats Paul had received in connection with the 2019 boat crash. Paul was charged with drunkenly driving the boat when it crashed, killing 19-year-old Mallory Beach and injuring several of their friends.

Paul “got the most vile threats” on social media, Murdaugh said. They were so “over-the-top” the family disregarded them, he added. Griffin asked Murdaugh whether he went back to the main house to get a gun. Murdaugh said he’d grabbed the first weapon he could see, which happened to be a 12-gauge shotgun he believes was on the pool table in the family’s gun room.

He took a “handful of shells,” and there was already one loaded in the weapon, he said. Evidence presented in the trial shows there was both a 12-gauge shot shell and 16-gauge shot shell inside the gun when authorities recovered it. Griffin asked Murdaugh why he had loaded the wrong type of ammunition.

“That’s not a mistake I would’ve made under any circumstances other than that night,” Murdaugh replied. Griffin also asked Murdaugh why he’d gone back to the house to get a gun in the first place. The defendant replied he “just didn’t know” if someone was still out there.

“I guess I just didn’t know,” Murdaugh whispered through tears. Murdaugh said he tried calling his brothers Randy and John Marvin after getting off the phone with dispatchers. He also tried calling Rogan Gibson, a close friend of the family who lived close by. Murdaugh just wanted someone to be with him at the scene, he said.

Prosecutors presented evidence showing Murdaugh apparently was reading text messages and Google-searching a restaurant as he waited for first responders to arrive. Murdaugh vehemently denied doing any of that. Newman dismissed jurors for a short break.12:02 p.m.

  1. Update: Murdaugh said that when he arrived at the Almeda house, he parked where he always did — close to the back door.
  2. The door was locked, so Murdaugh called the house phone and asked caretaker Shelley Smith to let him in.
  3. Murdaugh sat with his mother, who was awake, and held her hand, he said.
  4. I just talked to her,” he said.
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“Made sure she was OK.” Griffin asked Murdaugh if Maggie was supposed to go with him to visit Libby that night. She wasn’t, Murdaugh said — Maggie didn’t like to visit Libby because her worsening condition made her sad. Murdaugh said he tried calling and texting Maggie twice to let her know she was leaving, but she didn’t answer.

  1. It didn’t concern him at the time because Maggie was with Paul, he said.
  2. The Moselle property also has spotty cell service.
  3. Griffin asked Murdaugh about data from his Chevrolet Suburban which shows he stopped for about a minute in his mother’s driveway as he left to go back to Moselle.
  4. Murdaugh explained his cell phone had fallen between the seat and console and he was struggling to fish it out.

He unequivocally denied using that time to stash weapons or hide bloody clothing, as prosecutors have suggested. Murdaugh went straight to the main house when he returned to Moselle. He stayed inside for a few minutes and looked for Maggie and Paul, but didn’t find them.

  1. Murdaugh knew they’d been at the kennels and assumed they were still there.
  2. He got in his Suburban and drove down.
  3. Griffin asked Murdaugh what he found.
  4. I saw what y’all have seen pictures of,” Murdaugh sobbed.
  5. So, so bad.” He recalled jumping out of his car, its headlights illumining the carnage.
  6. He dialed 911 and was on the phone with dispatchers while “trying to tend to PawPaw” and Maggie.

“I just went back and forth between them,” he cried. Murdaugh affirmed he tried to check Paul for a pulse and grabbed his belt loop to turn him over. When he did, Paul’s cell phone popped out of his pocket “and sat right beside him.” Murdaugh placed the device back on top of Paul.

He didn’t see any messages on the phone, he said. Murdaugh said he thinks he touched Maggie down by her waist but he doesn’t know for certain.11:39 a.m. update: Murdaugh said he and Paul were down at the “shop” when Maggie returned to Moselle after 8 p.m. Murdaugh said he left his son by the kennels and went up to the main house, where he spoke with Maggie before taking a shower.

Murdaugh said the clothing he’s seen wearing in a Snapchat video filmed earlier on Paul’s phone — a blue fishing-style button-up and khaki pants — was what he’d worn to work. After his shower, Murdaugh said he’d changed into the green shorts and white T-shirt he was wearing at the crime scene.

He, Maggie and Paul ate dinner together in the den while watching TV. Paul left the room at some point and Maggie said she wanted to go down to the dog kennels, Murdaugh recalled. She asked Murdaugh to accompany her, but he’d just taken a shower and “didn’t want to go right then.” Murdaugh said it’s now clear to him after seeing evidence introduced in this trial that Maggie had driven with Paul down to the kennels.

Murdaugh stayed in the house for a few minutes, but soon changed his mind about joining his wife and son, since Maggie had asked, he said. Murdaugh used a golf cart at the main house to ride down to the kennels, he said. Maggie had just let out a few of the dogs and it was “chaos,” Murdaugh said.

  1. Bubba, one of the family’s dogs, caught a chicken, he said.
  2. Murdaugh said he and Maggie were chatting as Paul was “fooling with” his friend’s dog Cash, who had hurt his tail.
  3. Murdaugh took the chicken out of Bubba’s mouth and set it aside.
  4. And then Murdaugh “got out of there,” he said.
  5. He went back up to the main house using the same golf cart and laid down on the couch.

The TV was on and Murdaugh may have dozed off for a few minutes, he said. He soon made up his mind to go visit his mother, Libby, who has late-stage Alzheimer’s, at her home in Almeda. Libby’s longtime caretaker had asked Murdaugh earlier in the day to come by to help calm her down, he said.11:13 a.m.

Update: Murdaugh recalled an officer swabbing his hands for gunshot residue and SLED agents questioning him about his relationships with Maggie and Paul. “All those things coupled together after finding them, coupled with my distrust for SLED, caused me to have paranoid thoughts,” he said. “On June 7, I wasn’t thinking clearly, I don’t think I was capable of reason and I lied about being down (at the kennels), and I’m so sorry that I did.” Murdaugh became teary-eyed as he went on to apologize to his remaining son Buster, Maggie’s parents and both of their families.

“Most of all, I’m sorry to Mags, and PawPaw,” he said. “I would never intentionally do anything to hurt either one of them. Ever. Ever.” Griffin emphasized Murdaugh had continued to repeat his lie about not being at the kennels. “Why?” Griffin asked. “Oh what a tangled web we weave,” Murdaugh replied.

  1. Once I told a lie — I told my family — I had to keep lying.” Griffin asked Murdaugh to walk jurors through the day of June 7.
  2. He said they’d woken up at Moselle and Maggie had to leave for a doctor’s appointment in Charleston.
  3. She was planning to head to their Edisto Beach house after and spend the night there.

In an aside, Murdaugh told jurors he’d always ask Maggie to come back home and stay with him. Murdaugh said he went off to work and when he returned to Moselle that evening, he and Paul rode all over the spacious property, just spending time together.

You could not be around PawPaw and not have a good time,” Murdaugh said, breaking down. “I loved doing anything with Paul Paul. He was an absolute delight.” 10:58 a.m. update: Murdaugh has taken the stand. Griffin is questioning him, and he got straight to the point. The defense attorney picked up two family owned weapons entered into evidence: a 12-gauge shotgun and,300 Blackout rifle.

Griffin asked Murdaugh whether he used these guns, or any like them, to fatally shoot Maggie and Paul the night of June 7, 2021. “Mr. Griffin, I didn’t shoot my wife or my son any time,” Murdaugh said. “Ever.” Griffin quickly addressed the kennel video, asking Murdaugh if his voice can be heard at 8:44 p.m., minutes before Paul’s phone stopped communicating.

“It is,” the defendant admitted, adding he was in fact at the kennels earlier the night of the killings and had repeatedly lied about it to State Law Enforcement Division agents and Colleton County deputies. But Murdaugh offered a lengthy and often emotional explanation for his omission, alluding to his 20-year opioid addiction.

“As my addiction evolved over time I would get paranoid,” he said. “That night, June 7, after finding Mags and PawPaw — don’t talk to anybody without Danny with you, all my (law) partners were just repeatedly telling me that.” Murdaugh is referencing Danny Henderson, one of his former law partners who sat with him for his first interview with law enforcement officers the night of the slayings.10:25 a.m.

  1. Update: Fernandez asked Tuten about a video filmed on Paul’s cell phone at the dog kennels minutes before the device stopped communicating.
  2. Like several other witnesses before him, Tuten testified he hears Paul, Maggie and Alex’s voices in the video.
  3. Prosecutors say this places Alex Murdaugh at the crime scene minutes before his wife and son were shot, despite his claim he was taking a nap at the main house.

Fernandez asked Tuten if someone at the main house would be able to clearly see the kennel area, even at night. Tuten said yes, confirming the area is well-lit. The prosecutor also asked Tuten about the night of the killings. Murdaugh repeated, “The boat wreck, the boat wreck,” when he saw Tuten, the man recalled.

  • Murdaugh was referring to the 2019 fatal boat crash in which his son Paul had been criminally charged and he’d been named in a related civil lawsuit.
  • Murdaugh also asked Tuten to call Rogan Gibson, another close friend of Paul’s who he’d been talking to minutes before his phone went silent.
  • Tuten left the stand and Newman dismissed jurors for a short break.

Murdaugh is expected to testify when court resumes.10:12 a.m. update: Jurors are now in the courtroom. Defense attorney Maggie Fox is questioning a “short” witness before Murdaugh takes the stand. Nolan Tuten said he’s a lifelong friend of Paul and Buster.

  1. Prosecutors previously called his younger brother Nathan to testify.
  2. Fox asked Tuten about June 7, 2021.
  3. He said he’d planned to meet Paul at Moselle — the family’s spacious hunting property — to help his friend replant a sunflower bed that C.B.
  4. Rowe, a farmhand, had killed.
  5. But Tuten ended up getting stuck at work.

He called Paul late in the afternoon to tell him he wouldn’t be able to make it to Moselle that night, he said. Tuten said he’d gone straight to Moselle after hearing the news Paul and Maggie were shot. He arrived around 10:30 p.m. and saw Murdaugh, who was “distraught,” Tuten said.

  1. Prosecutor David Fernandez is cross-examining Tuten.
  2. He asked the man about Paul’s first,300 Blackout rifle, which Tuten said was stolen out of Paul’s truck during a Halloween party in 2017 or 2018.
  3. After Paul lost the gun, he took Buster’s identical rifle and “used it as his own,” Tuten said.
  4. Prosecutors contend Maggie was shot with a,300 Blackout rifle, while Paul was killed with a shotgun.

Both weapons were owned by the Murdaugh family, according to investigators, and have never been recovered.9:51 a.m. update: In front of a packed courtroom, Murdaugh put his right hand on the Bible and was sworn in. Newman advised him of his right to testify, stressing it’s his choice alone.

No one can force him to take the stand. And if Murdaugh decides at the last minute not to testify, Newman will instruct jurors they may not hold it against him. Before bringing in jurors, Newman asked Murdaugh to state his decision. “I am going to testify,” the defendant replied. “I want to testify.” 9:45 a.m.

update: Defense attorneys, prosecutors and members of the public are gathered in the courtroom without jurors present. Defense attorney Dick Harpootlian told Judge Clifton Newman that his team will ask the judge to advise Murdaugh of his right to testify, confirming the defendant plans to take the stand.

  • Harpootlian said he first wanted to renew each of the defense team’s prior motions to exclude testimony about Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes — almost all of them Newman denied.
  • Harpootlian said Murdaugh’s attorneys would’ve advised him to testify in this trial had evidence about his financial crimes not been introduced.7:50 a.m.

update: The Post and Courier has confirmed Alex Murdaugh will take the stand today to testify in his double murder trial, barring some last-minute change. His decision comes after Murdaugh’s defense team was said to be meeting with their client until late last night at the Colleton County jail, where he’s being held.

  1. It wasn’t a done deal until late last night or this morning, and Murdaugh could — and might — change his mind right up until the minute he takes the stand.
  2. Murdaugh and his attorneys must weigh how his cross examination will go.
  3. Lead prosecutor Creighton Waters is sure to grill Murdaugh on his supposed lies the night of the killings, as well as his alleged thefts and betrayals of everyone in his orbit.

Defense attorney Jim Griffin asked Judge Clifton Newman on Feb.22 to issue a court order limiting the scope of the state’s questioning, including preventing any queries about Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes. But Newman declined to issue any blanket order.

Did Alex Murdaugh lure Maggie?

The request to return – Several witnesses testified that on the night of the murders Alex Murdaugh asked Maggie, who had been at the family’s other property in nearby Edisto Beach, to return to Moselle. Maggie much preferred Edisto to Moselle and hadn’t planned on leaving, her sister Marion Proctor told the court.

  • But Mr Murdaugh’s elderly father was dying, and so Mrs Proctor encouraged her to support him.
  • Go be with him if he needs you,” Mrs Proctor told Maggie, in what would be their final conversation.
  • Image source, Maggie Murdaugh/Facebook Image caption, Maggie Murdaugh, pictured here with Alex, was said to be a devoted mother Prosecutors used the testimony to suggest Mr Murdaugh was trying to lure Maggie back to Moselle where the murders would take place.

And they were helped by Mrs Proctor who said it was “odd” that Maggie did not join her husband when he went to visit his parents. “That’s the whole reason she went home that night,” she said. But Mr Murdaugh testified that Maggie had not planned to see his parents, and that he asked his wife to simply return because he wanted to be with her.

Why did Murdaugh lie about his whereabouts?

That admission came after multiple witnesses for the prosecution identified his voice in a video taken on Paul’s phone at or near the kennels at 8:44 p.m. – shortly before, prosecutors contend, the killings happened. Murdaugh testified he lied because of ‘paranoid thinking’ stemming from his opioid addiction.

When was Alex Murdaugh at the kennels?

Dog kennel video convinced jurors Alex Murdaugh was guilty: ‘Sealed the deal’ Jurors were convinced of Alex Murdaugh’s after hearing his voice in a video recorded just minutes before the slayings, according to a new interview. Juror Amie Williams that “the kennel video definitely played a major part” in the panel’s decision toin the shooting deaths of Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22.

  • The Snapchat video taken by Paul on June 7, 2021, captured Murdaugh yelling at the dogs just moments before the double murder near the family’s kennels on their Moselle property.
  • Murdaugh initially denied it was his voice, but couldn’t hide it any longer after he took the stand.
  • When he got on the stand, I was like, ‘OK, so it was him,'” juror Gwen Generette told NBC News.

“I don’t know him so I never knew his voice, but I realized it was him in the kennel video, and that just kind of sealed the deal.” Murdaugh copped to previously lying and came clean on the stand that it was his voice, but said he drove back to the main house in a golf cart just after the video was recorded.

  • The jury after it only deliberated on a mountain of evidence for 45 minutes, but the jurors said they had largely made up their minds after Murdaugh testified.
  • “If I was him, I don’t think I would have, but I think that he believes that he’s so convincing that he felt like that was his last resort,” juror James McDowell told the “Today” show.
  • Murdaugh broke down in court and on the stand, but the three jurors said the disbarred lawyer seemed to be performing.

Alex Murdaugh cries while recounting what he loved about his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, during his murder trial at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, SC, on Thursday, Feb.23, 2023. AP “No, I didn’t think he was crying,” Generette said. “He turned it on and off.

  • It wasn’t genuine.” “We already know that he’s a lawyer,” McDowell noted.
  • He’s able to be emotional with cases, he’s able to be emotional with himself I think we were able to read right through that.” Murdaugh was ordered to serve two consecutive life terms by Judge Clifton Newman.
  • He also faces charges in at least 99 separate financial crimes.

Jurors toured the home where the murder happened, including the dog kennels near where the bodies were discovered. AP

  1. Prosecutors argued he killed Maggie and Paul to distract from his mounting financial crimes, but jurors said they still don’t know exactly why he did it.
  2. “He wanted to have control of everything — his wife owned the majority of the things that they owned — so I’m thinking it was more like greed and being in control,” Generette speculated.
  3. McDowell said that “it may not have been that one singular thing, but there’s so many things there that contribute to that overall storm.”

: Dog kennel video convinced jurors Alex Murdaugh was guilty: ‘Sealed the deal’

Did Alex have anything to do with the kidnapping?

How Alex Jones Was Involved – Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels Throughout Prisoners, Dano’s Alex Jones is one of the central characters in some harrowing ways. Firstly, his intellectual disability puts him as one of the film’s red herrings, with Alex often making comments that seemingly implicate him in Anna and Joy’s kidnapping such as telling Keller: “They didn’t cry until I left them.” This causes Keller to torture Alex throughout the movie.

  • However, the film reveals that Alex was not involved in the actual kidnapping of the girls, he was only present due to living in the same house as Holly.
  • As Alex, often considered one of Paul Dano’s best roles and movies, is a kidnapping victim of Holly’s himself and is played off as her adoptive son, he was present in the house when Anna and Joy were taken.

Before this, Alex took the girls for a joyride in his RV through seemingly innocent means due to his 10-year-old mental state, and the girls were only taken by Holly after returning to Alex’s house. This is why Alex says the line to Keller, which the latter wrongly believes proves his guilt.

Is Alex Murdaugh guilty?

Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels The legal team for Alex Murdaugh (center) presented their closing argument in his double murder trial on Thursday. He’s seen here listening to prosecutor Creighton Waters make his closing arguments at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, S.C. Joshua Boucher/The State via AP, Pool hide caption toggle caption Joshua Boucher/The State via AP, Pool Why Did Murdaugh Have Dog Kennels The legal team for Alex Murdaugh (center) presented their closing argument in his double murder trial on Thursday. He’s seen here listening to prosecutor Creighton Waters make his closing arguments at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, S.C.

Joshua Boucher/The State via AP, Pool A South Carolina jury has found once-prominent attorney Alex Murdaugh guilty on all counts in the deaths of his wife and son. Jurors deliberated for about three hours before convicting him on two counts of murder and two counts of using a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Murdaugh showed little emotion as the verdicts were read. Sentencing was set for 9:30 a.m. ET on Friday. The 54-year-old took the stand in his own defense. He was found guilty of using a rifle to kill his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, 52, and a shotgun to kill his son Paul, 22. They died on the night of June 7, 2021, at the family’s sprawling Moselle hunting estate in South Carolina’s Lowcountry region.

  • Before he was disbarred, Murdaugh was an influential attorney in South Carolina and belongs to one of the most prominent families in the state.
  • He faces a sentence of 30 years to life in prison for each murder conviction.
  • Prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.
  • Justice was done today,” prosecutor Creighton Waters said after the verdict.

“It doesn’t matter who your family is. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or people think you have. It doesn’t matter what you think how prominent you are. If you do wrong, if you break the law, if you murder, then justice will be done in South Carolina.” Judge Clifton Newman described the evidence of guilt in the case against Murdaugh as “overwhelming” and denied a request from the defense to declare a mistrial.

  • The judge’s comments concluded the six-week trial, which captivated South Carolina — and the nation,
  • Media coverage included live broadcasts of the trial itself, true crime podcasts and a docuseries on Netflix.
  • Murdaugh admitted to lying about his alibi, but insisted he did not kill his wife and son.

Earlier in the day, Murdaugh’s defense team made its final bid to prevent him from spending decades in prison, delivering their closing argument in the trial of the disbarred South Carolina attorney charged in the murders of his wife and son, A defense attorney for Murdaugh sought to sow doubt about the work by police and forensics teams, saying they fell far short of preserving evidence from the crime scene. Murdaugh’s lies and revisions to his alibi stemmed from paranoia induced by his opiate addiction, the defense insisted.